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            XOKO FAQs

            1. I’m not a tech-savvy person, will I have a hard time migrating my products and customers to XOKO?

            It shouldn’t be that difficult if you know your way around CSV files and importing tools. XOKO lets you add your products one-by-one and we also have a CSV import functionality if you want to add products in bulk.

            For step-by-step instructions on how to do this you can check out the following articles:

            If you need someone to guide you throughout the migrating process you may want to consider investing in XOKO professional services so we can get you up and running in as little time possible.

            2. I love our accounting software, does it integrate with XOKO?

            XOKO works great with Xero online accounting. Data flows seamlessly between your POS and accounting software giving you greater insights into your business performance and eliminating the need for manual data entry. The integration is simple to set up and free to use.

            XOKO also integrates with other cloud-based accounting software like Xero.

            3.I don’t like to get stuck if I have questions, can I call your support team any time?

            We wouldn’t want you to get to get stuck either. Fortunately, XOKO support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online and phone support is free so you can send us a message or call whenever you get stuck. You can also consult our Help Center anytime to find the answer to your question.

            4. I have more than one store, will XOKO work for me?

            Yes. XOKO works great for retailers with multiple locations and it makes it easy to manage your inventory, staff and customer information across all your stores. 

            5.  I don’t feel comfortable with web-based solutions, is my data safe in the cloud?

            Relax, XOKO doesn’t store any sensitive data (like credit card info) so data breaches are highly unlikely. As far as crashes or outages, our entire server is backed up to the hour so in the (again, highly unlikely) event that something goes wrong, your data will remain safe.

            If anything, your data is actually safer when you store it in the cloud compared to saving it locally. Why? Because in case (knock on wood) something happens to your terminal you’ll still be able to access and take control of your information using other devices that can log into XOKO.

            6. I need someone to come over and set up my POS system. Does XOKO do field deployments?

            We get it. You’re business-savvy, but not necessarily tech-savvy. Good thing Xoko has our technical officers who would be happy to come to you. These Xoko techies can set up your POS system and educate you and your employees on how to use it. That way, you can focus less on the techie details and do more of what you love.

            Updated: 19 Aug 2019 05:43 PM
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