Store settings

Store settings

To make any changes on the POS terminal click on store settings and this window/dashboard will appear.

From the store settings the following changes can be done:

1. Changing logging in password. 
Under USER ACCOUNTS  click on My profile then type your new password on the "New password" text box.

2. Connecting to Inner printer

To set any feature on the POS check the changes you need to implement then click on the checkbox on the right of the change. Here's how to enable internal printer.

First click on the right checkbox then click on Manage printers. Your inner printer will be listed there. Click on it and ensure it's connected as per below screenshot.


Once the printer is connected then you'll manage to print from the POS terminal. For external printer, ensure the POS terminal's Bluetooth is ON the still follow the manage printer process.  

3. Activate Mpesa payments on the POS terminal.

Click on the MPESA TILL to setup your till number after Mpesa integration has been implemented to your store. 


Input your till number as above then click OK to save it.

4. Set permissions.

Click on Set permissions to manage access to your POS terminal. Put a tick on what you need each user to access as per below screenshot.

5. Enable PIN login and change from normal password.

Click on Enable pin login to change your terminal login to PIN.

Once set, your terminal logging in password will be the PIN you input.

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