Managing Stock by Use of Approvals

Managing Stock by Use of Approvals

Using approvals means one user initiates requests and another one approves. This is done when managing stock i.e. receiving, adjusting, transferring, and managing stock.
To begin with, ensure the approval is set under settings. Use the link below to learn more.
Once set, follow the steps below to manage stock using the approval.
1. Log in to the back office and access manage
2. Under manage, use the dropdown on manage inventory and select receive stock
3. In the receive stock page, enter the required data 
  1. Branch
  2. Select PO(Optional)
  3. Enter a note
  4. Select supplier
  5. Select the products to receive and enter quantity, batch number(optional), and expiry date (optional)
4. Click on confirm receipt to proceed and initiate request.

At this point, the first process is complete. The user with the approval rights in this case an admin or supervisor will then log in and approve the request to complete the stock receipt process.
As an admin or supervisor, follow the steps below to complete the stock receipt process.
1. Log in to the back office
2. Access pending approvals
3. Check the list for the most recent receipt

4. Click view to approve 

NB: The receipt will be recorded under Goods Receive Notes
For transfers, the record will be under Delivery Notes
All the stock movements are also available under the movement logs i.e. Inventory then select manage and filter the preferred dates.
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